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Sacred Table

Taste |Transform | Transcend

Spiritual Nourishment


The Experience

In our lives, we have learned to access and harness the inherent magic of communal eating and the infinite pleasures of a purposefully cooked meal prepared with the soul’s delight in mind.


What we do

Sacred Table is an intentional, interactive, multi-sensory dining experience that offers a series of themed meals designed to engage the body, mind, chakras, senses and sensibilities.

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Meet The Chef

Something fairylike transpires when the aroma from that pan oozes from the air and dissipates within my senses. Something surreptitious occurs when flavors dance and sing in harmony before the bare eyes of a stove. Most people call it cooking. I call it resurrecting.

How it Works

Bon Appetit!

Services Provided

A Helping Hand


Private Events


Event Catering



“Kerline, you've created a beautiful situation and I love you for what you're doing here and even more for what you've done for me specifically. I want to thank you!”

R. Moore


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