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Meet the Chef

Something absolutely magical and mysterious happens with me when my spatula kneels at the base of a pan. Something fairylike transpires when the aroma from that pan oozes from the air and dissipates within my senses. Something surreptitious occurs when flavors dance and sing in harmony before the bare eyes of a stove. Most people call it cooking. I call it resurrecting. 


I cook for the same reason I write – to resurrect, to come alive or rather connect with the substances that make us all feel alive. It is not a labor of love for it is not laborious. It is a labyrinth of liberty. I aim for from-scratch-cooking, meaning if there is a way to create it from its beginning, I will either do it or try really hard to maintain its natural integrity. I strive for mostly organic or farm-to-table ingredients.


Bon appetite, dear loves. Bon appetite.

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