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Private Events

Private Events

Do you have a special day coming up or just want to gift friends and family with an exclusive intentional dining experience?


Sacred Table hosts private events featuring a themed dinner to share with your guests. You can choose the theme or can let us surprise with one of the 13 options. We can come to you and cook in your kitchen or you can come to us and dine at our table - either way your every culinary urge will be catered to this experience.

Live Plating Experiences

Like any professional kitchen preparing to go into service, our team digs into the "flow of service" which typically involves multiple parts, Back of House area, Wait Stations, Guest areas including Host Stand, Bar/Lounge area and Dining Room. But our live plating experiences put a palatable spin on this process making it not "typical" at all.  Being creative requires something that may be best described as a “flexibility of mind.” Food (making) is such an ancient concept that is innately and arguably one of the original forms of art. The decoration of a food, the way a food is constructed in the plates, or even the way many different foods are being mixed in order to create a new food. What we've done through these live experiences is highlight the chef's table as a proper canvas. Cooking is sacred. It's important that this understanding is embedded in the articulation of the culinary artist as a member of the art industry.

Sacred Table Themed Dinners

For centuries, throughout countless cultures, food has been infamously paired and synonymous with celebration and performance. Food is an important part of any celebration in all nations of the world, regardless of culture or religion. A fitting example of this was last year's Around the World Cultural Food Festival in September of 2022 in the Washington areas  where a showcase of food, artisans and traditional dance of many cultures were celebrated. With flags flying, 40 nations were represented at a park in historic Alexandria, Virginia. The event featured African countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Thailand, Lebanon, Jamaica and El Salvador were also included. In Ibo culture, music and dance are used to better the chances of the deceased into the afterlife. They're used in celebrations of marriage, birth, and death. They are also used in festivals such as the Yam festival as seen in "Things Fall Apart". These cultures use dance and music as an entertainment source and also for expression of emotion. Sacred Table is a themed multi-sensory dining experience that honors the bridges between the arts - culinary, performance, visual, and spiritual. We've enlisted a team of creatives that wrap an engaging production around a meal and a table. This allows me to show diners by example what it truly means for art to manifest in all the ways and in and of itself, bind us to the future of food which is collective creation and curation of tradition simultaneously reimagined and preserved.


Private parties pay the current cost of our featured menu themes per person. If ST comes to your home there is an additional flat rate fee beginning at $100 for travel and clean-up depending on your location. All bookings must be paid in full at least 48 hours ahead of your event.


Party Guests

This service is available for parties up to 15. Parties above 15 can take advantage of our catering menu. Inclusive in this menu are all of our themed dining experiences.



We have a list of staffing companies that we have worked with and had great success with in the past and would happy to suggest them to you.


Organic Ingredients

Organic ingredients are used in lieu of conventional store-bought ingredients whenever possible for your dinner party. However, if you would prefer all organic ingredients, an 'all-organic charge' will be added to your bill.



The host(s) are responsible for the purchase and serving of alcoholic beverages.


Tables/Chairs/Plates ect.

Please keep in mind events held at a site or place of your choosing that we do not supply any equipment, decorations or tableware unless specifically requested.


Get in Touch

Get in touch to set-up your special event!

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