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The Experience


Imagine a space where the air feels like it’s been serenaded by serenity. Imagine a space where laughter leaks from the ceilings. Imagine a space where clarity finds refuge dangling its legs over rails of a deck that overlooks the Bay. Imagine a space where abundance is tangible and vitality is vast. You can open your eyes now…


That place exists.

Experience thoughtful, intentional, and inspired dining.The ingredients are meticulously selected, seasoned and served. The space assumes a hard-pressed responsibility to preserve and protect the energy that dwells within and the energy that circulates throughout, each depositing a piece of themselves and growing the Nirvana that halos the dinner table.


For 90 purposeful minutes, diners are guided through a casual agenda consisting of mingling and moving, mindful eating meditation, a revealing where the Culinary Tantrist introduces each menu selection, and finally a moment to reflect and release back into the world satiated, refreshed, and reconnected.


To further ensure diner satisfaction, menus are sent to each registered diner 48 hours ahead of the experience. Diners are welcome to share any dietary restrictions or preferences during registration or at this time via email. A limited amount of variations and dietary accommodations will be possible the day of or at the experience. We will certainly never to say no to trying, however.

How We Engage Energy:

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