Tea x 3: Elixirs for Morning, Noon & Night

Tea is kind of amazing when you really stop to think about it – you heat up some water, toss in some plants or flowers, the healing components of the herbs get extracted into the liquid and suddenly you have yourself a magical elixir fit for a deity.

If you're interested in incorporating more tea into your day, try these three teas designed to enhance your morning, afternoon and evening.


Dandelion Root

This powerful flower has a roasted, nutty flavor and is sometimes used as a coffee substitute thanks to its rich, bold flavor. It promotes healthy liver function, making it a great option for light detoxing first thing in the morning. You can find this tea in a grocery store or go outside, pick some dandelions, rinse them well and steep them in hot water for 20 minutes.



Excellent for circulation and digestion, ginger is a good drink before or after your afternoon meal. It can also help with bloating and muscle or joint pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Find fresh ginger in your grocery story, cut it into small pieces or grate it and steep in hot water until it reaches your desired taste.



Need help relaxing? Chamomile tea is known for its calming properties that assist in relieving anxiety, restlessness and an overactive mind by gently soothing the nervous system. It can also be used topically to treat minor cuts and wounds or clear up skin irritations like mild acne.

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