In Our Kitchen: Staples and Must-Haves

Although the food that comes out of the The Culinary Tantrist may seem like pure magic, she doesn’t have any tricks up her sleeve. No. Her alchemy has been hard-earned through trial and error in the kitchen, many nights over the stove spicing and flavoring up her creations to perfection until she found the sublime combinations that now make up the foundation of lots of her signature dishes.

Now, she's got her cadre of ingredients stocked and always makes sure to keep these five things in rotation at all time. It's not only important that food tastes food to you but is good for you as well.


This culinary, medincinal and ornamental herb is great for adding depth of flavor to broths, soups or any liquid base.

Coconut Milk

Creamy and full of subtle flavor, this alternative to cow's milk and almond milk is an excellent substitute for water in liquid dishes. It adds a richness to meals by adding a delicate hint of coconut taste to the flavor profile.

Bragg’s Amino Acid

You can skip the salt without missing out on the flavor while getting some nutritional value without the harmful effects of too much sodium in your meals.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A godsend! In addition to its medicinal value and nutritional profile, EVOO is a multipurpose ingredient that adds a richness in texture and essence.


An ancient cure-all that has an unmistakebale aroma and taste. Although the smell may be mildly pungent to some, the taste is bold, distinct and must be used with discretion.


Regardless of the color – red, white, yellow, green – this staple embues a dish with its tangy, sharp flavor and it's so good, it makes you cry!

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