Feeding Your Chakras

Whether you’re looking to gain more confidence, get a better grip on your health or shift gears on your eating habits, your ability to improve your world physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually lies within yourself. For some the word chakra (a sanskrit term meaning “wheel” or “spinning”) may already be a part of their vocabulary but for others there may still be some fog to clear up about the powerful, vibrant energy centers located throughout the body along the spinal column.

Charisse Landise was brimming with life, her voice full of smiles during our conversation about how to take a modern look at chakras and understand how relevant they still are – especially during these busy, technology-laden times we are living in right now. And she would know as a 4th generation clairvoyant with an indisputable ability to really tune in.

“Our thoughts and emotions are shaping our health,” Landise tells me with conviction and certainty before delving into the importance of caring for your chakra system during this critical point in human history.

Your Energy Centers

The 7 major chakras - root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown - begin at the base of the spine with root chakra and continue up through the length of the spine to the top of the head to the crown chakra. These powerful centers are used to as conduits of activity that facilitate the flow of energy through collecting vibrational energy like light, color and even thoughts.

Each chakra is associated with a corresponding organ or gland, an emotional or spiritual aspect as well as a distinct color or light vibration which allows for the dynamic flow of energy to penetrate all aspects of our life on multiple planes of reality and understanding – from the way we think about ourselves to how we view the world.

The exploration of the interconnectedness between our minds and bodies has illuminated the fact that our thoughts and emotions play a significant role in the overall physical health of our bodies.

“Everything happens on a spiritual level initially,” Landise reminds us.

Intentional focus on specific chakras can yield a variety of results like alleviating emotional instability (sacral chakra), improving your relationship with yourself and others (heart chakra) or increasing your intuition (brow chakra).

Feeding Your Chakras

Just as our chakras are related to colors and vibrations that facilitate energy flow throughout our body, the colors that we eat not only have a significant effect on our physical health but the health of our chakras as well.

“We obtain our nourishment from different colors in food,” Landise reminds me. “We nourish ourselves with colors and when we eat, we want to think about what colors we haven’t eaten. We should shop for colors and take colors seriously because that’s where the biodiversity and the nutrients lie.”

In that way, she encourages us, as rainbow light beings, to eat as low on the food chain as possible. While we should put more effort into including an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables into our lives, it is also important to avoid or at least enjoy things like caffeine, processed foods and sugar in deliberate moderation.

When trying to unblock, activate or care for your chakras, reach for foods that sustain your emotional or spiritual needs like blue foods for boosting your communication skills (throat chakra) or yellow foods for harnessing your personal will power (solar plexus chakra).

Food For Thought

It’s with sincerity that Charisse Landise points out that the healthier you are, the more radiant you are as our conversation comes to a close.

She explains that “we become true stewards of our bodies when we realize that we can do healings in the spiritual realm and that impact the physical and the emotion and the intellect.”

We can use food to nourish our chakra centers by utilizing the rainbow spectrum of the chakra system and applying it to our eating habits. In this way, we can actively contribute to the health of our entire being from the inside out. The key is eating food with low color energy in moderation and being intentional about incorporating more foods that feed your chakra.

Use your creativity to put together meals and snacks that not only feed your body, mind and spirit but your energy centers as well. Think of the rainbow when you shop. Tomatoes, oranges, pineapples, leafy vegetables, blueberries and purple cabbage are just a few options to begin with on your journey to a healthier you.

[Originally post on thechakraworkshop.com]

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