How It Works

1. There are 13 different dining experiences. Each menu selection is its own full dining experience. 


2. Select a theme from the menu to indulge in.  


3. Next, select the date that you would like to join in. Each menu selection/experience will be offerened multiple times a month.


4. Submit your payment to reserve your seat. 


5. Then show up for your culinary voyage!


Bon Appetit!




Cancellation Policy


Although we understand that everyone has a different relationship to commitment, we ask that everyone honor their intentions to attend the event and maintain our intention to have 13 guests present. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to the event will be charged 50% of the reservation amount. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event you will be charged 100% of the reservation amount. These charges are applied in order to cover costs, time and processing fees for the transaction.



“I love you so much I almost cant even take all this. Omg this was a sensualistic orgasm in the throat eyes heard the moans and munches; my ears felt the stares.. I am numb inside a shapeshifting delight. I gifted you an ecofriendly green pan (toot, toot) because I know how much you adore accommodating us all and cooking is how you moisten our internal organs...But you can cook on the floor and I would eat it....One of the best cooks ever... Thank you Ker....♡ - India.”