To connect people across cultures and differences through an intentional dining experience designed to awaken the greater good in us all.



We envision a world where food is accessible to all and that the circumstances needed to prepare and cater this food are healthy, progressive, and considerate of all people and the earth that produces these sustenances.

What We Value



We believe that the core of all persons and things is divine. We draw inspiration from this belief, allowing it to guide our practices, our commitment to food, and sustained ability to provide quality experiences.


Food Integrity

We are committed to food’s journey. Its life – from inception to preparation to consumption – is of utmost importance. With this in mind, we aim to cook with ingredients that are as close to natural and organic as possible. We will cater to the spirit of all our food.


Economic Security/Abundance

We believe that the earth is vast and produces much of what we need to live. We believe that as often as one can connect to their center and their pleasure, this allows for an accessing that trails economic security.



We believe that surrounding all greatness or great efforts are even stronger groups or individuals to buttress barriers. We welcome opportunities to support one another and our efforts. They are all connected.



We believe that cooking is an act of service. We hope that via our dining experiences, people reconnect or stay connected to the altruist in themselves..



We believe that everyone can and should learn from one another. It is our hope that while and through dining, connections are made that allow for a wisdom and learning exchange that is mutually beneficial.



We believe in the preservation of spaces and practices that allow for authentic sharing or exchanging. We use food as our medium but rely on our diners to carry this value forward.



We believe that cooking is not a one-dimensional art. It has many sides, each capable of invoking or cultivating parts of ourselves eager to awaken. We highly encourage this.

“Kerline, you've created a beautiful situation and I love you for what you're doing here and even more for what you've done for me specifically. I want to thank you! I wish there were words to express my sincere appreciation but THANK YOU is all I can think to say.... Thank you. - R. Moore”